Software development

Programming for science and the web

I am both a scientist and a software developer. My first few real jobs were in the tech industry building and maintaining websites and internal tools, mostly in C# and for the web (HTML, CSS, JS).

When I moved from the tech industry to science, a lot of the skills and knowledge I learned as a software developer proved invaluable in my scientific research.

Nowadays, I help teach a MATLAB course to undergaduates, I used R for my master’s project, and use python in my PhD. I still keep up to date with small website projects in my spare time, too.

My most recent spare-time project was building the website for Middle Child Brewing, working from designs the founders made to give them their own space to show off their brilliant brews. Have a look at it:

If you’re looking for a similar bespoke website, get in touch!

Previous experience

Avast Software

Web developer, responsible for


Developer, created and maintained internal tools.

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